Out of Sorts

Andrew Griffiths

Print Workshop

It's easy to forget that printing hasn't always been as simple as a clicking a mouse a few times. It used to be a far more laborious and time consuming craft. We decided we wanted to go back to basics, so headed down to Bristol for a day out at The Letterpress Collective. But it quickly became apparent to us that there is nothing basic about Letterpress!

We had a brilliant time learning about Letterpress' rich heritage, experimenting with blocks of type and eating delicious bagels. Nick and his team at The Letterpress collective were amazing, we can't thank them enough for sharing their craft, knowledge and time with us. 

If you like the idea of getting your hands dirty and giving Letterpress go, (trust us, you won't regret it!) You can find out more about Nick and The Letterpress Collective here: theletterpresscollective.org