Little Illustrations

Chessie Gordon-Band

All small studios have their share of downtime. We see this as an opportunity to experiment and develop our skills.

I've always loved drawing, but I hadn't been finding the time to do much of it and so wasn't feeling that confident about it. I decided I wanted to start pushing myself more, so we wrote a list of things for me to illustrate, and when I got time, I would pick something from the list to draw. I started the hashtag #littleillustrationsbychessie on instagram to document my progress. And so my little side project was born. Draw. Share. Repeat.

It felt great to be growing and dedicating time to practise and experiment, I'd created a set of illustrations that I was really proud of and I was feeling a lot more confident about drawing. 

So, when we were asked to create an illustrated map for Visit Wiltshire, I was so excited, but a little nervous. What had started as a bit of fun had evolved into something with real longevity. I was able to use various bits and pieces that I'd learned, and my new found confidence to create a bespoke set of illustrations for the map. I'd never created a map from scratch before, so it was a steep learning curve, but I enjoyed every second. 

If you'd like to follow my illustration journey keep an look out for the hashtag #littleillustrationsbychessie