Welsh Water - For Wales, Not for profit

Welsh Water is a not for profit organisation that exists to serve the people of Wales. It is an essential service based on providing clean water to every household and organisation in Wales. In the summer of 2016 Welsh Water asked the people of Wales for their say in how to invest profits. 

Working with our partner company Heavenly, we created a campaign that centred around the thought  ‘If not for profit then what for?’ This idea was developed and became the campaign line ‘For Wales, Not for Profit’. 

The campaign was broadcast across a range of media with the heart of the campaign being the TV advert. Radio was also widely used along with digital advertising and a range of other complimentary media. 

We also designed a range of vehicle graphics, promotional water bottles and an exhibition stand that showcased the ‘For Wales, Not for Profit’ campaign at the Royal Welsh Show and the Eisteddfod.

The campaign bypassed all response targets and has received lots of positive feedback.