Sport Wales

Physical Literacy is a major priority for the Government. It is well acknowledged that leading an active lifestyle is crucial in developing young people’s health and wellbeing. Children that participate in physical activity throughout their school years are far more likely to continue to be active, and therefore healthier in adult lives. 

We have had the pleasure of working on various physical literacy brands for Sports Wales over the years. So, when they asked us to create a film that documented and showcases all of their initiatives that have been created since 2000, we hopped, skipped and jumped at the chance.

The 15 Years of Success story follows Amelia, (aged eight and a quarter) on her physical literacy journey. The viewer is able to watch and learn about each of the initiatives and how they have helped not just Amelia, but also her friends and family develop into healthier and happier people.

We worked across multiple disciplines to develop a concept, write a script and manage the voice over recording. Then we illustrated, storyboarded and animated everything before bringing each facet together to create a video that would be shown to members of Government.