Belfast’s extensive expansion and regeneration in recent years have seen it grow into a popular cosmopolitan city. Belfast is becoming increasingly global in both outlook and stature. In order to cater to the city’s demand for connectivity and synergy, a new Rapid Transport system was commissioned. We worked alongside our partner company Heavenly to create a name, a visual and verbal identity for the new system. 

Glider was chosen as the new name as its linguistic connotations and visual possibilities reflected the style and functionality of vehicles and aligned with the city’s dynamic and ambitions.

A city’s transport system has the potential to not just connect different parts of a city, it has the potential to connect that city to the rest of the world. In some cases, like the London Underground or New York Subway, it even has the power to define a place.

The multi-faceted nature of this project meant the we needed to create a flexible system that would work efficiently across a wide spectrum of platforms. From print and digital medias, vehicle interior and exteriors, to tickets, travel cards, and information stops.

To see more about the project view the video below from the Transport for Northern Ireland Youtube Channel.