Flagstone Hospitality

Flagstone Hospitality is a Luxury Resort & Hotel Development Company based in Nigeria. They asked us to create a suite of literature tailored towards attracting prospective investors.

Flagstone Hospitality is currently building Nigeria’s first 5-star luxury hotel in its capital Abuja. On completion, the hotel will become part of the Corinthia group. 

Using the existing Flagstone Hospitality logo and client positioning of Understated Luxury, we created a selection of design materials that felt luxurious and embodied Flagstone’s values and ambitions.

The Nigerian market is distinctly different to western markets. Our office in neighbouring Ghana proved to be an invaluable asset in providing us with an in-depth understanding of the culture and design preferences.

Generally speaking, Nigerian culture tends to favour ornate design. We were heavily influenced by traditional Nigerian symbols found in the hotel’s interior design, one of which was the Adinkra Symbol ‘Nyame Nnwu Na Mawu’ (meaning God’s omnipresence and perpetual existence of man’s spirit.) This symbol became our main point of reference throughout the project.

We employed an equally symbolic approach to colour and texture. A rich and earthy red and black were chosen to represent strength, energy and power. 

We introduced an intricate gold foil block for printed materials in order to visually reassert the Flagstone Hospitality as a brand that champions excellence and attention to detail.