First National Bank (FNB)

First National Bank are based in South Africa with subsidiaries and branches in eight other African countries. We won a pitch to create a national campaign to launch a ‘reward as you spend’ product in Ghana.

Our aim was to encourage salaried workers, earning over a minimum financial threshold, to switch accounts to First National Bank by offering a ‘reward as you spend’ incentive.

Cash rewards would be earned each time a customer used their First National Bank visa card. The cash would be deposited directly into the customers reward account so they could see the benefit at the end of each month.

Our campaign idea was simple. Switch and Swipe equals benefits.

The campaign was driven through a number of different channels, all chosen to get as close to the target audience as possible. Channels included Radio, Press, Outdoor, Paid for Social Media and Product Activations.

After one month of campaign activity the Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs reported 'Card Swipes' were up 77% on the previous month. We continue to work with FNB.