England's Heartland

This was a project aimed at encouraging international visitors to fly in and out of Birmingham International Airport. Specifically those seeking City, Heritage and Countryside and Outdoor Adventure breaks.

Working with our partners Heavenly, the project started with research and engagement intended at arriving at a core idea that would underpin the campaign. That idea is ‘England’s Heartland’. Heartland because Birmingham is the most central part of the country. It’s also rooted in the heritage of a nation and links town and country - it’s a great place from which to tell the story of England.

That story was built around ‘flying straight to the heart’ from the moment you step off the plane. Straight into England’s cultural heartland: Shakespeare’s England. Straight to England’s adventure heartland: Derbyshire and the Peak District. Straight to England’s metropolitan heartland: Birmingham.

The creative outputs started at Birmingham Airport. We designed hundreds of meters of graphics that now line the arrivals and departures corridors, all communicating why it’s great ‘flying straight to the heart’.

The thrust of the project focused on a social media campaign targeting East Coast Americans. Co-ordinating with Visit Britain we had to harmonise the ‘fly straight to the heart’ idea with the ‘I TRAVEL FOR’ Visit Britain campaign message.

A series of stories were created around the theme I TRAVEL FOR. I TRAVEL FOR BLISS. I TRAVEL FOR THRILLS. I TRAVEL FOR THE UNDISCOVERED. We created content to promote Shakespeare’s England, Derbyshire and the Peak District and Birmingham under each theme heading. This allowed us to reach out to different segments, seeking different experiences.

We also created a campaign website for respondents to land on. It was designed to give visitors a brief introduction to the benefits of ‘flying straight to the heart’ before linking visitors to the 3 key destination websites: Shakespeare’s England, Derbyshire and the Peak District and Birmingham.

The stories were highly targeted and pushed through Facebook, Instagram, Snapads and Promoted Pins. The campaign was a massive success. The number of responses and click throughs to destination partner websites exceeded all expectations.