Central Square

Cardiff’s City Centre has undergone a remarkable transformation over the last decade. High-quality retail development and strong urban design have helped create a distinctive and contemporary City Centre which is evident in the increasing numbers of visitors coming to Cardiff.

The Vision for Central Square is that it becomes a proud new Gateway to the Capital of Wales. A revamped Central Square will reflect Cardiff’s ambition to be amongst Europe’s most successful cities. It will build on its success and become a place defined by excellence in design, in quality, in diversity of offer. It will be a place that inspires and excites. Above all it will be a unique place – a place that captures the essence of the Principality and its values, as a place of warmth and welcome.

The creative development all started with a positioning, ‘Opportunities Squared’. It came straight out of its name Central Square. It sounds simple and obvious but the best ideas always do! ‘Opportunities Squared’ works for both the visual and verbal identity development.

The logo name ‘CENTRAL SQUARE’ sits within 2 half squares that form the appearance of a square. The idea being that they can be used as brand property and to bracket content. The results are a strong stand out brand visual identity complemented by a compelling tone of voice. A brand style was created that included the logo, colour palette, typography, and photography and brand property.

The work outputs continue and to date includes hoardings, prospect brochures and promotional goods.