CCFC Shirt Launch

In 2018 Cardiff City FC gained promotion to the Premier League. The fans are ecstatic, the anticipation of what is to come next season is at an all-time high.

The main event between the end of the Championship season and the beginning of the Premier League season is the eagerly anticipated shirt launch. We gave it our best shot!

In preparation we photographed 6 players, in home and away kit, using a rim-light photographic style.

This coupled with a black background (favoured by Adidas) and handcrafted font gave the visual a unique style.

Our creative execution was inspired by THE BLUEBIRD, a defining visual symbol of the club. This led to a verbal idea focused on the new kit landing.

In the lead up to launch day, we teased fans with a glimpse of the shirt and the message IT'S LANDING. On launch day we lead with IT’S LANDED.

In addition to the kit launch campaign activity, we also photographed all new kit items. We treated and prepared every image to be displayed on the Cardiff City FC retail website, ready for fans to buy.

The 2018/19 kit launch was a massive success. Sales on the day hit a record high, 50% up on the previous highest recorded day. The team did a great job and a perfect start to the new season.

Thank you to Cardiff City FC for being such a great client and giving us the opportunity to deliver this project. And a big thank you to photographers Keith Davies and Chris Davies for doing such a great job bringing our visual ideas to life.