Season Ticket Campaign 19/20

Cardiff City achieved their ultimate goal in the 2018/19 season, they were promoted to the Premier League. It was a time for celebration, and we did! However, it was also a time for reflection. The Premier League is an unforgiving place, where newcomers have to fight hard to survive. We were privileged to be appointed again to develop the 2019/20 Season Ticket Campaign. The Season Ticket campaign is significant for two main reasons. Firstly, it contributes notably to the club’s revenue. Secondly, it fills the stadium and the more supporters the better the atmosphere on match days.

Our thinking for 2019/20 had to be different. In the Premier League the club was now hovering around the relegation zone as opposed to the promotion zone in the previous Championship year. Nobody in the club could say with any certainty if we would stay up or be relegated back to the Championship. So, we would have to be careful with our messaging and the language used.

For many reasons we believed that the title of the song was the perfect message for the campaign. Firstly, it is rooted in the club’s history and links fans and the communities they live in to the club. Secondly, and true to its original intention, it was a rallying call to fans to support their club regardless of staying up or going down. The idea that win or lose, up or down, rain or shine I’LL BE THERE. Thirdly, the campaign was all inclusive.

It allowed us to feature fans, staff and players, all pledging their support by saying I’LL BE THERE.

The campaign targeted current Season Ticket holders, lapsed Season Ticket holders and new Season Ticket holders. We used a mix of paid for digital media, some tradition OOH media and the clubs’ internal channels. The campaign has been a great success. It engaged with fans and season ticket sales are the highest they have ever been in the championship.