UEFA Champions League Final 2017

The UEFA Champions League is one of the world’s most celebrated and loved sporting events. For the first time ever, Cardiff is hosting the Final. We had the privilege of creating Cardiff’s campaign for the event.

With an estimated 200,000,000 people expected to be watching the final, this is a perfect opportunity for Cardiff to show the rest of the world what a great place it is to work, live, study, visit and invest in.

The common theme throughout this campaign is the use of the dynamic ‘C’. It’s a core part of the Cardiff Logo but is also used on its own, it’s then the Hero ‘C’. The Hero ‘C’ can contain images within it, around it or both. Any images used reflect the message being conveyed. It is beautifully simple, flexible and expresses the positioning of Cardiff being a human and open capital.   

Visitors to Cardiff will see the campaign on lampposts, bench ends, giant hoardings and banners throughout the city. 

We also created a wide range of printed materials to celebrate Cardiff and promote the competition. From visitor maps and information packs to hotel door hangers and beermats. 

Welcome to those coming through London Paddington. Here are some of the many advertisements we created at Paddington station to promote Cardiff as the host city of the UEFA Champions League Final 2017.

Accompanied by a social media campaign to engage with the fans and visitors alike, we created graphics to congratulate the finalists and promote the event which worked across a range of social media outlets. Together we welcome Juventus, Real Madrid, Lyon and Paris Saint-Germain to Cardiff!