Cardiff City Football Club

There's never a more divisive topic in the studio, but one thing that we can all agree on is our shared love for football. So, when this little gem of a project came along, how could we refuse. We were asked to create the Bluebirds 2017 Season Ticket Campaign. The core objectives: retain, re-engage (lapsed) and recruit new season ticket holders.

We started by looking at what it means to ‘be a Bluebird’. It’s about proper football, and being grounded, and skill, and passion. But perhaps most importantly It’s about shared moments, whether on the pitch, or with family and friends. It’s about making memories, and being part of something special.

The sense of pride and ownership people feel about ‘BEING A BLUEBIRD’ is unmistakable. The provenance the statement has with people meant it was the natural choice to form our campaign around.  

Authenticity was paramount. Our research led us to looking at old Cardiff City match-day programmes from the 1960’s. Inspired by their simplicity, grit and charm, we created a new visual style that harnessed their sense of heritage and fused it with fresh and expressive visuals.

From meeting Neil Warnock, to chatting with the kit ladies, we immersed ourselves in the culture of the club in order to gain a real insight into the club, it’s players and their fans.

The variety of deliverables required for the campaign spanned from small social media graphics, to large format banners.