Cardiff City FC

For the second year running we were asked to develop the bluebirds season ticket campaign.

Our campaign proposition was based on UNITY AND AUTHENTICITY explained by the following narrative:

We love good football, where everyone gives it their all. Passion on the field, on the touchline, and in the stands. We are part of something bigger; a united community, sharing moments with mates and family, memories that will live forever, and days we’d rather forget. We are together, we are one, we are bluebirds. 

The campaign identity hinges strongly on a distinctive hand drawn typeface which we created especially for the campaign.  It is unique to the bluebirds reinforcing the AUTHENTICITY element of the proposition. 

The solid blue background contrasts well with the white handwritten font and cut outs of players. We purposefully used the type to interact with the players as a notional nod to UNITY, the other element of the campaign proposition. 

Brand language is an important and integral part of this campaign idea. So much so, we started the creative development process with more focus on what we would say as opposed to how it would look.  

The language comes directly from the proposition. WE ARE ONE WE ARE BLUEBIRDS is the campaign headline that embodies the spirit of UNITY AND AUTHENTICITY.

We divided our communication into 4 categories. Generic brand awareness, adult season ticket holders, family season ticket holders and corporate season ticket holders. Targeted messages were pushed out through planned channels including web, social, email, outdoor and in-stadium.  

The campaign has been a massive success. In May 2018 the target was to achieve 12,000 season ticket sales. Actual sales reached 18,000 plus. We are exceeding all expectations. A senior member of the management team said:

“We cannot keep up with the level of enquiries we are getting or process the sales quick enough”.