Cardiff Brand Guidelines

A brand guide is an essential kit of parts especially when you need an entire city singing from the same Hymn sheet! This is the Cardiff Brand Guide we wrote, designed and developed with our partners Heavenly.

A good guide tells a good story. Starting at the beginning with the big positioning idea and explaining what it means and how it will influence and shape what the brand does. 

A good guide also introduces the brand assets explaining what they are and how to use them. Language, Tone of Voice and messaging are just some of the areas we pay special attention to.

The graphic assets are the raw ingredients that make up the visual identity. The logo, colours, fonts, typography, imagery and special graphic marks. Introducing them is essential but explaining how they should be used will have a direct impact on how well they are interpreted and applied.

Every brand guide is different. Some require a little more explanation than others. However, they should always be made simple to navigate and understand. They should guide the reader but above all create a sense of excitement and showcase the brand identity at its very best.