Brains SA 60th Anniversary

Brains was established in 1882 and for as long as most of us can remember it’s a brand that’s become part of our everyday lives. It’s hard to imagine Wales without Brains and without Brains SA, one of its most iconic beers. This year SA turned 60 and we were delighted to be asked to recreate some of the AD’s that ran in 1958.

Back in the 1950’s digital didn’t exist, all creative was hand drawn. So we went back to basics and got the pens out!

We had some of the original AD’s from the Brains archives which steered us in the right direction. Interestingly, as all creative was hand drawn, even logos, every archive AD we had was different.

The result was a great feeling of satisfaction, something you get when you’ve crafted by hand. It’s hard to replicate the same feeling when working on a mac.

Happy Birthday Brains SA, we’ve enjoyed every drop!