Birmingham St Mary's

Birmingham St Mary’s offers care and support to people and their families across Birmingham and Sandwell who are living with terminal illness. Working with our partners Heavenly the project started with a stakeholder engagement programme gathering information that would help us understand their brand and inform potential positioning territories they could own.

‘Care beyond boundaries’ became the positioning for Birmingham St Mary’s. It's rooted in the belief of ‘hospice care for all’ and taking care beyond the hospice itself. Reaching out to every part of the community, supporting people in their homes and their neighbourhoods. Breaking down barriers so that religion, ethnicity, age or wealth are not obstacles to accessing the good work St Mary’s does.

Our creative approach was one of evolution rather than revolution. The logo was inspired by the butterfly in the previous mark; we made it fresher and simpler. This more abstract impression of the butterfly is formed of a single continuous line which we call 'the Lifeline'. It becomes a key component of the brand system.

The continuous line or Lifeline has a very distinct style which we purposely created to become an identifiable brand visual asset. The illustrative style is inspired by the Lifeline and is connected to the core motif. The Lifeline represents the dependability of Birmingham St Mary’s and source of support in difficult situations. The Lifeline is continuous and unbroken. It can be used to create any number of simple illustrations that give context, meaning and substance to brand messages.  

A mix of black & white and colour photography is used. It’s categorised into 3 clear areas: Fundraising, Care and Character.

The style of photography has been carefully chosen to engage with each category to create emotional connections.

Fundraising imagery must have a doing element to it as well as being upbeat, expressive and full of energy. 

Care imagery focuses on composition and the balance of interaction and emotion expressed between people. Bereavement is treated with sensitivity when sometimes photography is replaced with illustration.

Character imagery focuses on people who are at the heart of Birmingham St Mary’s. Patients, loved ones, carers, volunteers and staff. These images are meant to be full of character and emotion. We use black and white imagery to convey this emotion. 

We developed a grid system to create a structure for content. Whether portrait or landscape content is anchored to the corners of the framing system.

The Birmingham St Mary’s brand is now in a better place. It’s brand story is more meaningful, succinct and easier to relay. Its identity is stronger and firmly connected to the brand story. How they look and what they say is now more powerful, consistent and expressive.