Designer Wanted
James Horsham

This is a unique role. You’ll be working for Brand Sixty Eight but alongside our partner company, a well know international agency based in London, New York and Cardiff. As such we work with them on exciting brands that would be out of reach of most local creative studios. Read more...

Out of Sorts
Andrew Griffiths

It's easy to forget that printing hasn't always been as simple as a clicking a mouse a few times. It used to be a far more laborious and time-consuming craft. We decided we wanted to go back to basics, so headed down to Bristol for a day out at The Letterpress Collective. But it quickly became apparent​ to us that there is nothing basic about Letterpress! Read more...

Little Illustrations
Chessie Gordon-Band

All small studios have their share of downtime. We see this as an opportunity to experiment and develop our skills. Read more...

Making a studio a home
James Horsham

Our studio must be many things but essentially, it’s an expression of who we are, and what we believe in. Read more...