Great West Way

The Great West Way links London and Bristol. It follows a 125-mile route based on one of the first Great Roads commissioned by the Kings of England.

Along the Way everyday England rubs shoulders with world-famous heritage.

The Great West Way is for curious travelers searching for the real England. Those who want to explore further, delve deeper and uncover the essence of England.

The Great West Way offers a curated concentration and extraordinary variety of English experiences not found in any other part of the country.

The project started with a programme of stakeholder engagement geared towards finding a unique brand idea. That idea was ‘England Concentrated’. It stands for an extraordinary variety of attractions and experiences in a compact area — all within easy reach for our visitors. Its built on a set of brand pillars that are Discovery, Curated, Authentic and Human.

Working with our partners Heavenly we took the brand idea into a visual and verbal identity. Firstly, we had to interpret ‘England Concentrated’ and express it in such a way that could inform the development of a brand marque and visual identity.

The concept for our marque is 'Curated Exploration'. Derived directly from ‘England Concentrated’ it uses the iconography of a traditional compass combined with a modern viewfinder device to create a simply beautiful iconic marque. The viewfinder device was carefully crafted to encourage exploration, inspire discovery and embolden travellers. It invites the curious traveler to take a second look at the undiscovered gems of the Great West Way. It can be used independently of the compass to help curate and encourage exploration along the route. It can expand and contract to accommodate the subject matter it is framing.

The colour palette was inspired by the colours found along the Great West Way. From the Great West Red to the Roman Blue, from Woodland Green to Old Brown, the colour palette reflects the diversity of the authentic experiences encountered along the Great West Way. Whilst the photographic style is influenced by the positioning. It reflects the real and human elements of the brand. We broke imagery down into sections: Understated, Experience Led, Natural and Inviting.

A comprehensive set of brand guidelines was created to steer those using the brand in both national and international markets. In the brand guide we show how the identity can be applied to a wide range of items from road signs to third party endorsements.

The Great West Way is centuries old but now it has a new lease of life and will be marketed on a global scale attracting visitors from far and wide. For those who are seeking the real and authentic and looking to discover the very essence of England.